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Ever since I invested in some bikepacking bags and went on an overnight trip I’ve tended to have some sort of bag attached to my bike. You don’t win races smashing around regents park as fast as you can trying to be as aero as possible on your 10k bike, why make like easy for yourself when you can make some real gains being not aero at all and installing some bags and mudguards! What I worry about is making sure I have what I need on me to make sure my training ride is a success and if anything goes wrong that I have with me what I need to get going again. Having a decent bar bag or saddle bag on your bike is the perfect solution. Bar bag if you want to carry a bit more and a saddle bag always with essentials. Below I take you through my bigger bags. 

I’ve tried various bags, Restrap, Rockbros, Rapha, Portland Design Works bundle roll and the Altura vortex 2 12L. Here are my thoughts on them. 
I initially bought RockBros bags because they looked like they had fairly decent reviews and were at a good price point. They are ok, they do the job. I think the best of the range is the frame bag pictured below. It’s constructed well and can fit a fair bit in. One big compartment accessible from one side and the other side is a slim section you can put your phone in. The bar bags (not pictured below) are fairly fiddly to install with the Rock Bros foam spacers, I don’t think they will last past a few fully loaded rides and wasn't impressed with them at all. In summary, the frame bag is good as a cheap useable every day frame bag, I would recommend ✅ but the rest of the range I would not recommend ❌
Restrap bags are well made, manufactured in the UK, robust and have a lifetime warranty, all of which Is something that caught my attention at first. I have a top tube feed bag and a small roll top tech bag. Both bags are awesome and easily fit to all of my bikes. The Top tube bag has enough room to keep my pockets empty or store an extra gilet for changeable conditions, or just all of your food for longer rides. I feel a bit lost without it now that I’m used to having it. The technical bar bag is also great, fully waterproof and roll top, it’s where I store my camera if I take it on a ride. In summary, Restrap seem to have some great products and I would recommend spending a bit extra to use their bags ✅
I have the Rapha handlebar bag. It’s Rapha, what can I say, attention to detail, perfect size, solid construction, reflective decals. It’s a great bag, if you want one bag for longer rides or every day coffee shop vibes, that’s the one! 💥Highly Recommend ✅
My Portland Design Works bag is actually an out front solution. I ride a Specialized Epic Hard Tail, the cables get crushed and bent against the frame due to the internal routing. Portland Design Works, a cycling based company have a solution that gets your bar bag out front away from your cables. I haven’t tried it in anger yet so I will keep you posted with how I get on. Face value though it looks like a great design and the aluminium parts seem to be made well but who knows until its tested in a field somewhere.
Altura vortex 2 12L saddle bag, it was on sale, price point was too high even at the sale price, it could do with being a bit bigger but it’s ok as a saddle bag. I use a dry bag from Restrap inside of my bike packing bags anyway but I haven’t had any major issues with it. I’m impartial as to wether I reccomend it with a tick or give it a cross so I’m going to give it a fence ⛩as there are plenty of other better options out there by the looks of it. Options such as Apidura or Restrap just to name a couple. 
Thanks for reading, if you have any cycling related questions or would like me to write up a review on something you've seen on my website or social channels then please reach out by contacting below!

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