One of my aims is to inform. Here you will find resources that I feel have a high value to you as a cyclist!
I was recently gifted an Icon2 rear light from the See.Sense team. If you are in the market for a light then look no further. This is more than just a light, the data collected from your riding whilst using the light and its app can help make cycling safer for everyone through data collection. Take a look at my review and check out their site
I've put together some advice on bike lights that I would recommend and am currently using. Don't be one of those numpties asking to be crashed in to by not running decent lights at night time! 
This Podcast is an insight in to the life of Vincent Luis, the 2019 Triathlon world champion. It's interesting to hear about the group training he takes part in and how that has helped him and the group of athletes that train together. How fast is your training partner?
If you're going to get a turbo trainer so you can train indoors, I would recommend a wahoo. They are pretty robust and have the ability to connect up to Zwift so you can keep your brain occupied whilst you're riding. They also allow you to use your Disc Brake bike with some adaptors. Don't forget if you're ordering one to include the adaptors in the order and you will also need a cassette if you go for the direct drive option.
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